The Indiana Coalition Network

Indiana Coalition Network is a collaboration among Local Coordinating Councils (LCCs) throughout the state to work together toward a common goal of building safe, healthy and drug free communities.


The Indiana Criminal Justice Institute's (ICJI) Behavioral Health and Research Division conducted an LCC Survey & Focus Group Project in 2019. While supported within their communities, LCCs expressed strong interest in creating an online presence to expand their impact and make stronger connections with other LCCs.

The ICJI, in collaboration with CEASe of Scott County, the Indiana Addictions Issues Coalition, and Solutionize, created the Indiana Coalition Network, a web-based collaboration platform, for LCCs to easily make collaborative connections, find best practices, access resources, as well as connect to existing statewide recovery infrastructure through the Indiana Recovery Network.

Local Coordinating Council
Indiana's Local Coordinating Councils (LCC) fill the role of frontline defense against substance use. The LCCs monitor, plan, create and carry out substance use initiatives for their county. Unique in their ability to convene cross-discipline stakeholders, LCCs take pride in creating the Comprehensive Community Plan, a systematic community-driven gathering, analysis, and reporting of community level indicators for the purpose of identifying and addressing local substance use.

LCCs educate their community with general information about and awareness of substance use, misuse, and addiction; stigma reduction; local resources available; interpreting data; and humanizing addiction. Not only are they the synthesizers of multiple data, but they meet often to discuss real-time, substance-related concerns.

Approved by the Indiana Commission to Combat Drug Abuse, Local Coordinating Councils preside in each of Indiana's 92 counties. These coalitions are countywide collaborative citizen bodies that are open to the public who plan, implement, monitor, and evaluate local Comprehensive Community Plans to identify and address local substance use.

Line of Responsibility
The Indiana Commission to Combat Drug Abuse (the Commission), established in 2016, is a group of 18 members from prevention, treatment, and enforcement who collaborate and discuss actions and ideas to defeat the drug epidemic. As a member of the Commission, the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute's (ICJI) Executive Director may delegate responsibilities to the ICJI's Behavioral Health Division (the Division).

The Division's mission is to support, enhance, and strengthen local communities' efforts to create drug free, recovery focused communities across the State of Indiana. This is accomplished through the adherence to the above statutory authority with the ultimate goal of reducing the incidence and prevalence of substance abuse and addictions among adults and children in our Hoosier state.

Indiana Criminal Justice Institute (ICJI)
ICJI serves as the state's planning agency for criminal justice, juvenile justice, traffic safety, and victim services. Priorities for the agency are set by the executive team, with guidance from the board of trustees, and carried out by ICJI staff.

CEASe of Scott County
The Coalition to Eliminate the Abuse of Substances (CEASe) of Scott County is the local Coordinating Coalition that coordinates local action to prevent substance abuse in Scott County using the Strategic Prevention Framework process to establish goals, track progress, and adjust community efforts as needed.

Indiana Addictions Issues Coalition
Indiana Addictions Issues Coalition is a broad-based, diverse, not-for-profit organization that advocates on behalf of people with addictive disorders. Our mission is to promote recovery through advocacy, public education and service.

Recognizing the need for a statewide collaboration between organizations and individuals who are building and maintaining recovery resources for those who are seeking or are in recovery, IAIC has created the Indiana Recovery Network (IRN), Indiana's Recovery Hub, removing barriers to accessing sustainable recovery services, information and resources. IRN has created Regional Recovery Hubs distributed geographically around the state to expand our ability to connect Hoosiers with mental health and substance use disorders to treatment and recovery supports.

Solutionize was formed in 2012 by social business experts, with a wealth of experience and intellectual property from over 10 years of solution selling, go-to-market collaboration, community development and management, and a history of successful innovation. The company mission is to be a leader in providing collaboration infrastructures for critical sectors of the economy.

This About Us content is quoted from Indiana Criminal Justice Institute’s (ICJI) Behavioral Health and Research Divisions "2019 Local Coordinating Council Focus Group Analysis" and "2019 Local Coordinating Council Survey Results".