Following are a list of Frequently Asked Questions about Indiana Coalition Network, Local Coordinating Councils, etc., benefits, membership, etc. From time to time this will be updated to include answers to questions from our members and users.

The Indiana Coalition Network is a web-based collaboration platform with the goal to increase communication and collaboration among Local Coordinating Councils (LCCs) throughout the state, as well as to connect them to existing statewide recovery infrastructure thorough the Indiana Recovery Network (IRN—see https://www.indianarecoverynetwork.org/).

To achieve drug free communities, sustained recovery is the first line of defense for prevention, and a critical requirement is systematic communications and knowledge transfer across all stakeholders in the community, including government, recovery community organizations, medical and behavioral health professionals, community partners, and faith- and home-based services. The Indiana Coalition Network will do just that.

The Indiana Coalition Network enables the creation of subject-specific collaboration hubs that are interconnected so all stakeholders can be reached, with flexible well-curated and measured knowledge-sharing. Sharing means having information and links to resources in one place creating a knowledge-base for a wide range of uses.

This site provides the ability to access and share information with other Indiana Local Coordinating Councils. These resources include: articles, best practices, documents, videos, etc. LCC organizations can create or join “open to all” and private groups specific to their common interests that includes direct messaging, discussions and information sharing among group members. The historical data is saved, so if group members should change, the information is maintained in the Activity section of the site.

Every Indiana county's Local Coordinating Council leader (Coordinator) will be on-boarded as a member of the Indiana Coalition Network. These LCC leaders may invite additional coalition members to join. Please contact your county LCC Coordinator to see how you can support your county coalition.

The content on the Indiana Coalition Network (ICN) site is curated by the ICN team. Please work with your LCC Coordinator to submit information to this site. Click here to find your county LCC. (LCCs will have instructions on the Info Exchange for how to add resources)

For questions, please go to our Contact us page.