Coalition Profile

The mission of the Cass County Local Coordinating Council is to identify, coordinate, and facilitate the use of services and available funds in meeting the county's needs in prevention, treatment, and law enforcement as a result of alcohol and drug abuse in Cass County.We have chose to focus on alcohol, marijuana, and opioids.

Cass County has a population in 2018 is approximately 37,955 people with a median age of 40. Our county has a median household income of $47,727. With a 13.8 % living in poverty. The population of Cass County identifies as 31,909 non-hispanic and 6,046 Hispanic. A little over 14% of Cass County’s population is non-English speaking. 23.1% of it’s population is ages 0-17 as of 2018, with 32% of our population ages 18-44. Cass County is a large Rural community, our largest cities in order from largest to smallest are Logansport, Galveston, Walton, Royal Center, and Onward. We are also a large farming community with many corn and bean fields. We have 4 County School Corporations, they are Logansport Community Schools, Lewis Cass School Corporation, and Pioneer School Corporation. Our fourth school corporation is Caston School Corporation, and is right on the Fulton/Cass County line.